Entrust your property to reliable hands.

Property Management

Westburr custom lighting solutions help to bring your space alive. From mood lighting to high-scale industrial solutions, Westburr is known for their timeless design and quality.

Depending on the residence, Westburr offers various lighting solutions based around the needs of the customer, and offers highly tailored packages for all Presson clients.

What can we do for you.

Key Custody

Safely store a key to your property for emergencies or visits.

Property Inspections

On-demand visual or technical inspections to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

Home Maintenance

Year-round comprehensive pool, garden, and repair services.

Mandatory Periodic Checks

Management of mandatory and necessary reviews for your installations.

Legal Procedures

Save time on bureaucratic tasks with local authorities, utility companies, and other entities.

VIP Services

Car/boat rentals, concierge, chauffeur service, event planning, catering, and shopping.

Garcia has provided custom-made furniture to all of our Presson properties. Mixing modern styles with natural shapes and materials, Garcia products have a true air of elegance and timelessness.

Presson clients can expect longevity and top quality from all Garcia furniture, as they are hand-made by professionals on-site.

Morner specializes in stairwell solutions in both industrial and residential spaces. Together with Presson, they create bespoke stairs for both outdoors and inside our properties.

Being and environmentally-conscious business, all Morner stairs are made from high-quality recycled materials where possible, doing their part in lowering the CO2 emissions of all Presson residences.